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PRiSM 10th Annual Meeting

Course Application

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the PRISM 2023 Annual Meeting. In an effort to welcome contributions from our multispecialty membership, we have instituted an application process for the Annual Meeting Instructional Courses and Pre-Courses.  In order for the submission to be considered, it must adhere to the following diversity checklist:

  • Organizing committee and/or advisory board includes representation across: gender identities, underrepresented groups, diverse racial backgrounds and geographic regions
  • Ensure gender is balanced within presentation types (especially keynotes), and across the overall program
  • Program includes a wide range of presenters, across gender identities, racial groups, ability, and sexual orientation. If presentations are submissions-based, actively solicit proposals and submissions from underrepresented groups
  • For the participant pool, ensure that a proportion of registration spots are reserved for participants across ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, and geographic regions

Above should also include representation across specialty, experience, and prior participation


Application Information

Length: 60 minutes (Instructional Course/Lunch Session) or 4 hours (Pre-Course)

Format: Traditional lecture and question format is not required.  Demonstrations, audience participation, workshops, and other formats are also welcome.  Formal electronic audience response systems are not available.

Presenters: Please be cognizant of the diversity statement linked above when planning speakers.  Number of presenters will vary based on format submitted.

Technology capabilities: Basic computer and slide format.  Other equipment is the responsibility of the presenters.

Time/Date: The time and date of an accepted Instructional Course will be assigned by the Scientific Program Committee. Be sure all speakers are available to present on all dates of the Annual Meeting (February 2-4, 2023).



Please submit your course plan using the online form by Monday, May 30, 2022

Thank you for your interest in the PRiSM Annual Meeting.

2023 Scientific Program Committee

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