The purpose of PRiSM is to foster and stimulate interdisciplinary professional education, research and interest in pediatric and adolescent sports medicine and, in this regard, to promote and participate in high-quality research and the advancement of understanding in the field of pediatric and adolescent sports medicine.


Be a part of a collective group of focused individuals that are united in the mission of PRiSM. As the PRiSM Society grows from our infancy phase, we invite you to take this journey with us and make this society a unique network of resources.

Multi-Disciplinary Healthcare

PRiSM is not your traditional membership society. The whole reason for our existence is to join individuals together in order to service children and adolescents as an inter-professional team of experts in sports medicine. Through collaboration, members from multi-disciplines can share best practices and find new, less invasive treatments that make the road to recovery a “blur of speed” for all patients/clients.


Our Annual Meeting has well-rounded topic coverage in sports medicine including: surgery, rehabilitation, athletic training, non-surgical interventions, basic science, radiology, and practice efficiency.

Please visit our 4th Annual Meeting page for more information.


PRiSM has identified key areas to focus on research grant funding. The link below contains specialty areas of our Research Interest Groups. PRiSM's goal as we grow is to be able to fund our own grants in these areas in order to develop and maintain evidence-based best practices.