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Instructional Course 2: That Outside and Backside: Structural vs Non-Structural Issues About the Lateral and Posterior Hip

Course Summary

We will discuss radiographic evaluation of the adolescent athletes hip, with a focus on the lateral and posterior hip regions. Our pain specialist will describe various treatment options appropriate for the adolescent athlete with chronic lateral or posterior hip pain, including injections, radio frequency ablations, peripheral nerve stimulation and pharmacological interventions. There will also be demonstration of evidence-based exam techniques for evaluation of the lateral and posterior hip, and participants will have the opportunity to practice manual skills and receive feedback from instructors if desired. We will also review strategies that clinicians can quickly teach patients during their visits for effective independent pain relief.

Course Objectives

  • Understand radiographic evaluation for the patient with lateral or posterior hip conditions including micro-instability, frank dysplasia, acetabular version, femoral rotational deformities, and ischiofemoral impingement/extra-articular impingement
  • Become familiar with non-operative treatment options beyond rest and strengthen your glutes
  • Learn evidence-based metaphors and easy motor pattern adjustments to alleviate pain and anxiety in patients and families


Ryan Pahlau, PA-C
Zvonimir Bebic, MD 
Meredith Dake, PT, DPT, OCS
Taylor Fogarty PT, DPT
Laura Neal, PT, DPT, OCS