PRISM: Members

PRISM Membership

Be a part of a collective group of focused individuals that are united in the mission of PRiSM.  As the PRiSM Society grows from its infancy phase, we invite you to take this journey with us and make this society a unique network of resources.

PRiSM Diversity Mission Statement

Recognizing that diversity within the membership is essential to being an inclusive, effective, and influential multi-specialty research society, the Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine society (PRiSM) is committed to: (1) creating a culture within the PRiSM community that encourages and values diversity; (2) building both a membership and a leadership of PRiSM that are reflective of the communities that we represent, study, and care for; and (3) supporting research efforts that recognize the importance of diversity by investigating and reporting differences in sex, gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

New Member Application Requirements

All applicants for membership in PRiSM must fill out the membership application form  and upload their CV. Applicants are also required to list a sponsor (preferably a current PRiSM member) who may be contacted regarding any questions about the application.

Member Benefits

Being part of this Society is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with professionals from multiple disciplines all over the country. Our membership consists of surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists, radiologists, nurse practitioners, engineers, physician assistants and many more. Membership in PRiSM ensures that you will continue to receive various member benefits available including:

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General Information

The membership year is February 1 - January 31. Dues are not pro-rated for joining during a membership year. Applicants for membership may attend the PRiSM Annual Meeting at the member rate.


Fellows (Physician)

Individuals who are members of the medical profession in good standing, who have medical or doctoral degrees (e.g., MD, DO, PhD, DPT, OTD) in one or more fields pertinent to pediatric or adolescent sports medicine and who meet the following additional requirements are eligible to be Doctoral Fellows in PRiSM:

The annual cost for Doctoral Fellow membership is $295.

Fellows (Non- Physician)

Individuals who work in the field of pediatric or adolescent sports medicine and have at least a bachelor's degree in one or more fields pertinent to sports medicine (including, e.g., persons with bachelor's degrees working as physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and certified athletic trainers) shall be eligible to be a Doctoral Fellow (Non- Physician).

The annual cost for Doctoral Fellow (Non- Physician) membership is $175.

Student Members

Individuals enrolled in accredited academic programs leading to a medical degree or bachelor's degree or higher (e.g., masters or doctoral programs) or post-graduate professional medical training programs (i.e. residency, clinical fellowship) in fields pertinent to pediatric or adolescent sports medicine shall be eligible to be Student Members.

The annual cost for Student membership is $100.