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PRiSM and CATA Present: Prevention of Injury In Youth Sport

Understanding injury prevention strategies is essential for keeping youth in sport for longer and preventing long term consequences from injury. Join us for an informational webinar that will explore injury prevention in youth sport across the spectrum of care. This webinar will provide viewers with an understanding of what some of the prevention strategies are for both acute and overuse injuries, the link between injury and long term consequences and how wearable technology can be used in injury prevention. Webinar participants will
also be able to ask our expert panel questions during a live Q&A.

Webinar Moderator:
Dr. Amanda Black, CAT(C), PhD

Speakers and Talk Titles:

Dr. Carolyn Emery, PT, PhD - Primary prevention in youth sport: Time to get on with it!
Dr. Clodagh Toomey, PT, PhD - Secondary Consequences of Knee Injury and Prevention of Post- Traumatic Osteoarthritis
Dr. Oluwatoyosi Owoeye, PT, PhD - Overuse Tendon Injuries in Youth basketball: Two Tendons, Two Problems, Two Solutions
Dr. Marc Tompkins, MD - Overview of wearable technology and other sensors, and what role they may have in rehabilitation following injury or surgery

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