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Instructional Course 4: Evidenced-Based Treatment for Baseball and Softball Players

Course Summary

The goal of this presentation is to provide an evidenced-based update of evaluation and treatment considerations for common injuries in the pediatric overhead athlete. The audience for this course will gain knowledge and understanding of the management of these injuries from a medical, rehabilitative, and surgical perspective. This presentation will cover hot topics in baseball and softball, as well as the importance of the kinetic chain for these athletes. Practical application of the principles discussed in this course will be assured through case presentations and an interactive question and answer session with live polling.

Course Objectives

  • This course will discuss the epidemiology of baseball and softball injuries throughout the spectrum.
  • This course will provide an overview of common shoulder and elbow injuries, reviewing special tests, imaging, physical therapy interventions, and return to sport testing.  
  • This course will discuss post-operative elbow cases in the adolescent softball and baseball population.    


Nicole Melfi PT, DPT, SCS, ATC
Nick Purcell PT, DPT, SCS
Lauren Mills PT, DPT, SCS
Jonathan Santana, DO
Bryce Bell, MD