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PRISM: Research

Motion Analysis

The Motion Analysis RIG is comprised of orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers, bioengineers, and biomechanists who specialize in the use of 3D motion capture to understand how the human body moves.  Members of the RIG have a interest in using motion analysis to better understand how:

  • pediatric and adolescent athletes perform
  • youth athlete injuries occur
  • quantitative biomechanics can be used to prevent youth sports injuries
  • operative and non-operative treatment outcomes can be optimized

Current Initiatives

  1. Standardized protocol development for motion analysis in patients who have sustained a knee injury for return to play or for injury risk assessments
    1. View the draft version of protocol
  2. Pediatric Sports Medicine Provider Survey: Prospectives on the Utility of Mocap in Clinical Practice
  3. Validity of a qualitative, 2D scoring system to evaluate trunk and LE alignment during a 45-degree side-step cut task (collaboration with the Injury prevention RIG)
  4. Risk factors in youth volleyball athletes (collaboration with the sports specialization and injury prevention RIGs)

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