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PRISM: Research


The Elbow Research Interest Group (a combination of the original Medial Epicondyle RIG and the Ulnar Collateral Ligament RIG) has included over the years: orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, advance practice providers and athletic trainers with research interest into the science and function of the elbow, as it relates to child athletes. We have successfully launched the MEMO study (Medial Epicondyle Multicenter Outcomes) and have identified the ROCKET group (Research in OCD of the Knee, Elbow and Talus) as the go to for a large multicenter study on capitellum OCD that members can get become involved. Future directions of this group will look at non-surgical management of ulnar collateral ligament injuries, radiographic and pathologic changes of the gymnast elbow, and post-injury joint contractures and their successful management through collaboration with the Rehab RIG, as a few examples of the potential directions that this RIG will explore. The mission statement of the Elbow RIG is to expand what is known about pediatric elbow function, pathology, and management through a diverse team approach.


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