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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

The musculoskeletal ultrasound RIG commenced in 2017. Currently, the MSK US RIG has nine members, comprised of six medical sports medicine physicians, two radiologists (one specializing in MR and one MSK US), one ATC, PhD biomechanist. Members are from all over the nation. Conference call meetings occur every 6-8 weeks.

The aim of the MSK US RIG is to develop research that incorporates multiple disciplines, with the central goal of moving forward research surrounding MSK US, specifically geared toward the pediatric athlete. Significant gaps in the research exist describing normative anatomical ultrasound measurements for pediatric athletes. Understanding the natural course of anatomical changes over the life span, and variations of ultrasound findings in youth athletes, is also a significant gap in the research that has been identified by the MSK US RIG working group.

Current work:

1. US EVALUATION OF THE MPFL: Defining the Anatomy

 Objective and Specific Aims:

Background and Significance

Status: IRB document and study protocol complete. Data collection to begin within 3 months.

2. PPE Ultrasound Findings in Athletes as Predictors of Future Injury: Longitudinal Study Design

Main Objective: To conduct a multicenter MSK US study to evaluate US findings in different groups of athletes and follow them over time with regard to US findings. The US findings will be correlated to selected health biomechanical tests and health outcomes measures.

Background and Significance

Status: Study protocol design and literature search underway


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