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PRISM: Research

Stress Fractures/Overuse

1) Writing a reference paper on adolescent tibial bony stress injuries and our hope is to completely define BSI and provide a framework for future papers.  We are reviewing and summarizing all the imaging modalities w) ith the focus being on literature focusing on adolescents.

  • We  have written a rough draft which needs some revisions but hope to pull it together in the upcoming months. 

2) Femoral Neck - A group is working on a similar project to the tibial paper.  The group is in the process of compiling the paper.

3) Multi Center Study - Navicular stress fx -

  • We are working on estabilishing a multi center collection of navicular stress fx among adolescents. The initial IRB and study design have been established and approved at Stanford and a data repository has been established at U Missouri.  There are several collection sites currently awaiting IRB approvals to participate in the collection.

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